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 Editor - Director - occasional Academ

I am a swift and collaborative senior editor with 19 years experience. Recently I have had the opportunity to direct, and I am proud to share this work, Tracking Thabo Bester and Convict Conman, both of which you can find on Showmax. 


In 2022 I was recognised by the American Cinema Editors (ACE) in their International Partnership, and have held the South African Editors Guild (SAGE) acronym for distinguished editors since 2014. I am on the executive board of the South African Guild of Editors, a Documentary Filmmakers South Africa member and a Berlinale Talent alumnus. The projects I work on are consistently awarded industry prizes and screen worldwide with global streamers, broadcasters and film festivals. Excellence in my edit work has also been personally awarded multiple times at local and international film festivals and craft awards. I am well versed across a range of genres but have a specialisation in documentary. I am a deeply engaged narrative and visual editor with strong story doctor and problem-solving skills. I can support you across all production phases: from conceptualisation and research to technical workflow planning, directing, shooting for edit, offline editing, directing edit and story troubleshooting. I am adept at managing long-form projects and series with multiple episodes. During my career, I have earned the nickname comrade supercuts :)


To add to my professional experience I have a strong academic background giving me a critical thinking approach to my work. In 2015 I completed my Ph.D. focusing on home video, personal history and memory. I work at universities like Wits, Open Window, and AFDA and was the training manager for Big Fish School of Digital Filmmaking. I am a published author in filmmaking journals.


+27 83 270 8767

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