Ways of Working

Every project is different and so we can work together in a few ways, depending on your needs.

Bring me on as your editor.
With 17 years of experience and many popular and critically acclaimed films in my canon, I can bring a creative, calm and collaborative experience to your post-production process. Let's combine my narrative and emotive strength with your vision and together we will create something wonderful.
I can work at your facility or you can come to mine. I am comfortable managing an edit team, or working in a  pared down indie environment. 
Workflow Planning
Technical hassles, missing footage and the wrong codec! Messy projects and lost archive! Don't let that get in the way of making your film. I can help you plan your work flow, before you shoot.
Shoot for Edit - Story Consultation
It is often said that the editor writes the final draft of script. You don't have to wait that long, the best thing you can do for your project is to bring your editor on early! Let me help you brainstorm during production to refine and strengthen your story and make sure that you shoot for edit.
Stuck in Edit - Story Consultation
 Sometimes a film hits a block and you need an outside eye, I can guide you through a story doctoring process to solve narrative problems, help you solidly your visual style, and distil your film to its most clear and beautiful version.



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